Physical therapists are uniquely qualified to help injured runners

February 12th, 2017

Why are physical therapists the ideal choice for treating your running injury? Because we are experts at movement analysis and exercise prescription. We also possess treatment tools adequate to heal nearly any running injury. Through walking and running gait analysis, we identify asymmetrical movement and provide correction. We suggest necessary exercises based upon strength and flexibility assessment. We utilize modalities like ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold laser, iontophoresis, and dry needling to help promote faster recovery.

According to Tim Noakes, M.D. author of the well established book Lore of Running, virtually all running injuries are curable. Noakes also points out that nearly all running injuries heal without surgery. This makes the physical therapist (especially one who is also an experienced runner) a well suited clinician for the injured runner. My observation is that the source of injury is often found in the training logbook, and that time and activity modification heal running injuries. The next time injury stops you from running, I would seek out the services of a physical therapist!