Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy (CLT) is an extremely effective way to manage pain and accelerate the healing process in new and pre-existing injuries. This helps reduce or completely eliminate pain, decreases swelling or inflammation and accelerates tissue healing by rates up to 40 percent. The best part about CLT is that it is safe for almost everyone!

Many modalities or therapy machines use heat. Deep heat cannot be used on people under 18, with sensitive skin conditions or with metal in their bodies. But Cold Laser is just that… COLD!

It uses light, but not heat. So Cold Laser Therapy can be used on people under 18 and for injuries that have happened very recently!

CLT is different from other forms of treatment in that it works on the cellular level to help the body heal itself faster. It promotes the stimulation of chemical reactions within the cells themselves. CLT is similar to photosynthesis in plants (Remember Biology class? The light from the sun stimulates the plant cells to grow). Light is absorbed by the body and converted into energy that the body can use for growth. So your T-cells or “healing cells” grow bigger and reproduce. So your body literally has bigger, stronger and more healing cells working on your injury!

How does it increase cell function?

  1. Increases and accelerates the healing of soft tissue and bone.
  2. Increases T-Cell production (the healing cells of the body) which support immune function.
  3. Increased production of Neurotransmitters which improve nerve function.

3 Types of cold lasers

  1. Is absorbed quickly into your skin to target the superficial or outer layer of tissues.
  2. Deeper penetrating laser light to reach the deeper tissues of the body.
  3. BLUE LIGHT - has antibacterial properties. This cleanses the area of bacteria and other things that can cause infections. It can both prevent and treat infections!

BLUE LIGHT LASER is great for lymphedema, wound care/ non-healing wounds and surgical sites to prevent infection! Blue light has worked so well that many hospitals now use blue lights to disinfect operating rooms! Contact Us today for more information.

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