Patient Education

After your first treatment at JRPT, you will know exactly what you should and shouldn't do to help yourself heal faster. It's critical for the patient to take advantage of time away from the clinic. Think of it like this: If we meet in the clinic for just one hour per week, there are 167 more hours outside the clinic that you could be helping yourself get better!

  • Proper Lifting - Getting close to the object you're lifting and bending your knees are basic essentials for proper lifting. Other recommendations include having a wide stance and keeping your head up while lifting. The "golfer's lift" is also a safe way to lift light loads. I'll teach you all of these!
  • Postural and Ergonomic Education - the position you're in and the way you carry yourself during the day affects how you feel, and whether or not you'll have back and neck pain. I will teach you all these hints and exercises so that you can avoid painful positions and postures.
  • Injury Prevention During Daily Activities - knowing what to do and avoid during vacuuming, yard work, cooking and cleaning, are essential to avoiding pain. I enjoy teaching my patients how to safely move during daily activities.
  • Flexibility Assessment - stretching is important for the muscle groups that need it. I will identify any stiff muscles that might be contributing to your pain and teach you the appropriate stretches, and how and when to perform them.
Direct Access
to Physical Therapy is Here!

James River Physical Therapy is able to perform rehabilitation therapy directly to patients without a doctor's referral.

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